Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trips and Photos!

Secured a trip to Moscow today. I'm most excited for the train ride! When I was a little kid I was OBSESSED with trains. Most students are staying in a student hostel but this one girl from LA her parents are putting her up in a hotel! Word? She doesn't want to have to go back by herself at night and asked if I'd roll back with her for protection. She'll also be staying with another girl there. I paid for a room at the student hostel but if I get a chance to kick it at a baller hotel in Moscow please believe I'm not going to pass it up!

I also met some Russians who were very excited to see me! They were in a wedding pre-photo shoot and they rushed to come shake my hands and get a picture with me! Even one of the bridesmaids wanted to get in on it (she's not pictured) but was really attractive. That's the first picture in the blog below this one. I took a few pictures with them and they shook my hand and thanked me many times and I walked on. I am a big deal.

The second photo below this blog is me and the Bronze Horseman and the Russian Flag in the background. How much more Russian can that photo be?!

The other 3 are at the top of St. Issac's Cathedral which is only 3 blocks away from me! I never even knew! At the top there is the most wonderful view of all of St. Petersburg! It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had here yet! The Cathedral itself is marvelous and it's just one of the many amazing ones in this city. There are so many beautiful Cathedrals!

And I just got a call from my peoples. NO CLASS TOMORROW! Meaning! Amazing night tonight and possibly even a better post tomorrow.

"You've been climbing and climbing and climbing this mountain for four years now. You've reached the top. Now all you can just sit back and enjoy the view and feel good about what you've just accomplished."-Jonathan Edwards on college graduation. I will be feeling that quote in all of it's truthfulness next Spring.

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