Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moscow Never Sleeps (Song)

Okay! So I was at the bar right next to my house one night and I heard this amazingly beautiful song! It was like a week ago. I couldn't get the name from the DJ cause this Russian girl kept asking me questions. Anyway. I thought the hook was "thugs from outer space" and I went back home and googled it and didn't find anything. But last night the song came back on at the bar Sif works at and I was more excited than a 5 year old in a Candy and Ice cream store. I got the name of the song from him and as soon as I got home this morning I found it online and downloaded it. It's called "Moscow Never Sleeps" by DJ Smash. I might be falling in love with European techno trance music. The girl isn't saying you're beautiful either it's- Я люблю тебя. Yaaaa l00-blue tee-byah! translation I love you. Москваааааа- Moscowwwww. And it's not thugs from outer space it's Moscow never sleeps. Enjoy it. I know you will. My taste in music is impeccable. I grew up listening to my sisters eclectic collection and every classical work ever composed with my grandpa.

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