Friday, July 10, 2009

Too Friendly/Collective Occurrences

more russians wanting to take their picture with me. the guy wearing my yankees cap is the Russian sniper that insisted I hang out with him.
An Armenian. and huge fan of snoop dog and he wanted to throw up the west side like snoop. I obliged.**
brand new BMW convertible. one both sides of the car it said "MICHAEL JACKSON IS KING. GOD BLES MICHAEL JACKSON."

I just finished a night that I did not want to be this long. So this post will just be a summary of things that I must catch up on. I'll expound on them later. It's good though cause I've experienced more in the past 72 hours than I have in the last 21 years of my life.

Eurotechno music is great. There's a part where the DJ just holds the beat and lets it ride and build for a really long time and when you vibe with it and ride it all the way out until the end when the beat drops again you literally lose yourself.

I call my host moms father the Old Russian Master. His house does not smell like smoke (a first) and it's kind of nicer. He is a certified medical doctor but he's also one of those great people you meet in life. That know and do many things and have a genuine admiration for the life of the mind. He told me out of all the houses in Russia that I was in the least racist house. He explained to me that he was also a writer and he gave me the Russian version of Mother Goose rhymes to learn. He's a very smart and kind person. You don't meet people like him much anymore.

I played basketball with him and his sons and then we played soccer. The looks on the kids faces...

More amputees.

I leave for Moscow tonight.

In class I thought the word for a "short person" was midget lollipop.

I talked to my mom about Russian politics in Russian. She's not a fan.

I got ripped off by another cab. 200 rubles for a barely 100 ruble ride.

Ana's sister is a party promotions manager for one of the most posh, expensive lavish clubs in Petersburg. There weren't many people there tonight but I don't think there are many clubs in the world that top this. If there are you can't get into them.

She also invited me to this all white (attire) party. A variant of the P. Diddy version. It's held on one of the islands and goes up until early the next day... The invitation that you needed to enter was so sick.

I met a bunch of Africans yesterday. Sif took me to this club Revolution. Which is actually only a few blocks away from here. He explained to me that they were trying to start up having "Black people" night again. Once again Sif has proven himself to be cooler than ice cold. We walk in and go through the metal detector. And when we get to the ticket booth the guy is like you can't come. And Sif tells him in Russian that he wants to talk to the owner. The guy let's him go back. 3 minutes later the phone in the ticket booth rings and I'm allowed entry FREE without delay.

The guy is Cameroonian and he's just as tall as me and he works under white club owners o promote parties. He had a really fancy office inside the club. The club itself was sick and of course I had VIP. And I got to pop champagne.

I have a Michael Jackson tribute that will leave you dumbfounded. I'll upload the picture tomorrow.

I will send out the post cards tomorrow. That's my plan.

I met these central asians dudes yesterday that loved me. They considered themselves to be Black. They loved 2Pac.

And I just got in from hanging out with this Russian war vet. He was very drunk and in a nutshell we sang songs, talked politics, US-Russia relations, he thinks Russia is the only country that won WWII, very proud that his grandfather is a high ranked Russian war hero, he was a sniper in the Chechean war, bought me and Sif big and tasty from McDonalds (literally actually big and tasty), and we arm wrestled before I left. I got beat. 3 times. He's not the biggest fan of the United States and their politics and is delusional about Russia's strength as a world power. but he likes me for God knows what reason. I honestly just wanted to go home tonight. cuddle up in my bed and sleep tight. Instead. I'm here. Blogging. Just getting in at 4:30. He's not the kind of guy you want to turn down. He was slightly tipsy and had I disagreed with anything he said it would have caused more problems. I held my ground and beliefs when we talked but I just ended up hanging out with him and his friend with Sif. And we met these Ukrainian women who were out at 3 in the morning so their drunk husbands didn't beat them when they got back in.

Russians like me too much. (knock on wood) Just say hi. Take a picture. And let me move on. Thanks.

**I in no way shape or form endorse, represent, or claim the West coast. The above photographed photo is for entertainment purposes only.

Stay Tuned.

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