Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Self Hazard

My biggest worry here should not be getting attacked by racists but me attacking myself.

I just hit my head up against an air conditioner hanging out of a window on my way to the metro I thought I ducked low enough to avoid it but I didn't and next thing I know... BANG! I said a swear word in Russian as soon as it happened so it must have been hard...

It was hard. I was stunned for a while and I could feel a knot swelling up on top of my head. Thank goodness my hair is thicker and longer than it's ever been and I was wearing my trademark Yankees hat or else I'd probably be in the hospital now. The corner was kinda sharp and I'm kind of bleeding now but if I apply pressure to it and get the trainer at the gym to check it out I'll be ok. Emphasis. Kind of bleeding. Nothing serious. When I saw my own blood on my hand I got light headed though. I usually only get light headed and on occasions come close to passing out at the sight of someone elses blood.

The metro that came before this one was empty and apparently not in service. Weird. Someone on here smells really terrible. Like musty body odor and beer and it's really humid... It's stomach wrenching.

At my stop. I'll be sure and get this very minor injury checked out first thing when I get to the gym. So don't worry.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Update: Just got in. I'm okay. I put a wet towel and ice on it and sat for a while once I made it to the gym and it stopped bleeding. I worked out. Played basketball. And I feel perfectly okay right now.