Monday, July 13, 2009

Ain't No Party Like a Communist Party

my favorite building ever. my favorite color is red and this is just the epitome of architecture for me.
My wonderful bed!
my wonderful baller living room
red square
Me and Lenin and... Why can't I think of his name?

I ran because I had to meet up with a girl that goes to Brown that is interning at a Turkish bank here. She's from Turkey. Get to this in just a second.

So the meal yesterday. So good! Now I'm sitting here with some instant meat flavored mashed potatoes... hmm... Anyway, after the best dinner ever we walked around for sometime and then ended up at the red square at night which was even more amazing. I suggest everyone travel there at some point in your life. Something on the square will embrace and grab your heart and emotions.

We walked back and I went to sleep. On the way back though I split up with the Brown students and these girls came up to me and asked where I was from. There were two white girls and the other was Black but clearly biracial. They only spoke Russian. And I think they were slightly older than me 24-26 maybe. At any rate. We had a good conversation. The half Black girl was born and raised here and according to her her family has been here for many years... Which side. I don't know. But I found it strange that she didn't speak French or English or German.

The potatoes aren't that bad.

I woke up today and went to the Kremlin. It was sooo cool! Of course I went to all the places Obama went to ect. ect. blah blah blah... for the Obama maniacs out there and then I went to my most favorite museum exhibit ever. The Russian Armory (and later the Russian history museum). I saw sooo much there! It wasn't like anything you've never seen before. I won't bore you with the details of exhibits. But my favorite one was everything. If I had to pick I couldn't. Although I did particularly enjoy the evolution of the Russian horse drawn carriage exhibit. The ORIGINAL full sized carriages from all centuries of Russia were there. I like the Islamic rifles, swords, and other military equipment that Russian military bought from the Ottoman empire in the 14th/15th centuries. So detailed and masterfully decorated. Superb craftsmanship.

I should be doing work right now.

Anyway. So I was walking towards the Kremlin and who do I see? Vladimir Lenin looking at me. And another Russian politician that I can't remember his name. But the one who's name I can't remember calls me Obamaichk... (little Obama)


I have been told ever since I was at Brown that to enter the Kremlin you have to be dressed very well. No sloppy outfits or you will be turned away. I get up early this morning so I can prepare my suit and tie and slacks so I can be in appropriate attire for the Kremlin. It was like 85 degrees today (almost Texas weather) and when I got there I saw people in shorts and casual type clothing. Wow.

Anyway. Obamaichk! Obamaichk! They call. They wanted ME to take pictures with them! So I did. They're funny. See for yourself.

It's late (not really only 12:56am) but still I got a lot of moving around to do tomorrow. Going to really miss this place!

More about Moscow in my next post and some really awkward moments that you don't want to miss reading about.

Stay Tuned.

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