Friday, July 24, 2009

Taboo Solved!/Packing

So the taboo was that I had bought an old Russian Icon from the 18th century. It is illegal to take anything out of this country that is more than 50 years old. Meaning not only would the Icon I paid a considerable amount of money for be confiscated I could have actually gone to jail. it was impossible to mail because in russia when you ship something the box must be open when you go to the post office.

I fixed it by going back to the place I bought it from and exchanged it for several souvenirs for people.

I'm really sad to be leaving. I love it here. I almost teared up when I sat and had my last dinner with my grandma.

The past 48 hours has been the best send off of all time. Kind of like a miniature senior week.

this isn't the very touching compelling post I announced on facebook but the one after this one might be it.

I have to pack now. it's so sad. I'm actually leaving this place...

Stay tuned.

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