Sunday, July 19, 2009


There's a draft in the works about my Novgorod trip (which was great!) but for the time being I'll put fill you in on what occurred yesterday.

Slept in really late partly because of events that took place the night before which were all very much so enjoyable. Woke up. Dilly dallied around my room and on my computer. It's a gift and a curse to have internet here. I'm one of the few students with a wi-fi connection. Everyone else must go to a cafe or they have to buy a one month wireless subscription with the same company that does our Russian cell phones (Beeline). It's actually a pretty good deal. The company gives you a portable USB modem (about the same size as a flash drive) and for about a ruble a day you can connect to the internet.

I made an outline of work I wanted to get done and then I went into the kitchen and saw that my babushka had laid out breakfast for me. It had been sitting there since early this morning. I didn't want to eat the eggs so I cracked a few of them and left the egg shells but threw the actual eggs out. I re-toasted the toast and put butter on it and it actually wasn't half bad. And then I boiled up some hot water for the oatmeal she left me.

I basically have the house to myself now. She comes in the mornings and spends the nights but that's about it.

That was just her. She just came in from walking the dog. I asked her if she could just make me oatmeal and toast.

(Back to Sunday) I decided to step out for a little bit and get something to eat. I had some borsch at this popular chain of restaurants here in St. Petersburg. Borsch is really delicious. It's typically beet soup with sour cream in it. The borsch I had yesterday wasn't made entirely from beets. It was a variant. But it was still really good! It was served up nice and warm and tasted like a delicious beef stew but not as thick. Seasoning was perfect and I loved it. I also had some delicious shaverma as well.

Gotta go fast now cause I have to get ready for school.

After that I stopped by the corner store that I always go to to get some water. And I'm not sure why but it's ridiculously cheap here. 2 Liters cost only about $1. Anyway, this guy working there comes up to me and asks, "brother where are you from?" and I said I'm American. He asked me where my ancestors were from. Once again. I was at a loss for words. I told him that my family had lived in America for many many many years. He seemed kind of envious of that. I wanted to tell him that he need not be. Things only just got good for us about 35-40 years ago...

I came back home and kind of sort of studied for the exam that I will have in about an hour. And then after that my babushka came home and cooked for me. She was at the beach all day with her friends. It's kind of weird that yesterday was my last Sunday here this summer. I know I'll be back though.

Exam time is today (not last week like I thought). So send up a Hail Mary for me and I'm going to do my best.

PS- I wish my babushka wouldn't say "the breakfast is ready" (in english) every morning...

stay tuned.

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